Diskless Remote Boot in Linux

DRBL management
Set the swap file service in the client


Set the swap file service in the client

"drbl-swapfile" is used to setup the swap file in client machine if local harddisk is available. This command will start the service "mkswapfile" in client. Once there is a harddisk in client, and there is a known filesystem inside that, such as Linux swap, FAT, ext2, ext3, reiserfs, it will generate a swap file in that partition.

drbl-swapfile -s swapfile_size [start|stop]

For example, you want client to have a 128 MB swap file, run:

# drbl-swapfile -s 128 start

Then the swap file will take effect when client boots next time.
To let client use this swap file immediately without reboot, use drbl-doit. i.e.
drbl-doit -u root "/etc/init.d/mkswapfile start"