Diskless Remote Boot in Linux

DRBL command lists

It's easier to manage the whole system by using these commands in the DRBL environment. To get the help with the commands, just run the individual command with "--help".

dcs Switch the mode of clients when they boot (DRBL client switch)
drbl-cp-host Copy a file or directory to all clients
drbl-rm-host Remove a file or directory to all clients
drbl-useradd Massively create user accounts
drbl-userdel Massively remove user accounts
drbl-cp-user, drbl-get-user, drbl-rm-user Put (or get/remove) a file to user's home directory based on group name
drbl-client-service Set the service of DRBL client
drbl-doit Issue a command to all DRBL clients
drbl-ocs Clonezilla (Opensource clone system, to clone system)
ocs-onthefly Clone disk or partition on-the-fly
drbl-sl Load Small GNU/Linux (DSL, PuppyLinux, Clonezilla live, or GParted live) into DRBL environment
drbl-all-service Start, restart or stop DRBL related services
drbl-clean-autologin-account Remove auto-login accounts (Only those created by DRBL)
drbl-client-root-passwd Set DRBL client's root password
drbl-login-switch Switch client's graphical login mode
drbl-swapfile Set the swap file service in the client
drbl-user-env-switch Reset home directories of users to initial state
drbl-nat Start, restart or stop the NAT service in DRBL server
cnvt-ocs-dev Change the device name in saved clonezilla image