Diskless Remote Boot in Linux

DRBL management
Switch the mode of clients when they boot


Switch the mode of clients when they boot

"dcs" (drbl-client-switch) will set the boot mode for DRBL clients. Command syntax:

1. Interactive mode: run dcs (i.e. without any parameter)

You will see this:

drbl_client_switch screenshot

Then you can use space key to choose (if gpm is running, you can use mouse to click, too), then press "Enter" key to run it.

2. Non-interactive mode: run "dcs [Option] Mode [Mode2]"

-l, --language Set the language to be shown by index number
[0]: English, [1]: Chinese Traditional (Big5) - Taiwan, [2] Chinese Traditional (UTF-8, Unicode) - Taiwan
-h, --host [IP_LIST|MAC_LIST] Instead of all DRBL clients, assign some DRBL clients (IP_LIST or MAC_LIST) to be processed, if IP_LIST or MAC_LIST is not set, a dialog menu will be shown so that the target DRBL client(s) can be selected. The IP_LIST is like: \"\", and the MAC_LIST is like \"00:50:56:01:02:01 00:50:56:01:02:02\". NOTE!!! You must put \" \" before and after the IP_LIST or MAC_LIST! -nl, --no-list-host Set all clients' mode (This is default) Mode:
remote-linux, remote-linux-graphic, remote-linux-text, remote-memtest, remote-fdos, clonezilla-save-disk, clonezilla-restore-disk, clonezilla-save-hda1, clonezilla-restore-hda1, clonezilla-stop, local, etc... You can use "dcs --help" to get the available modes.

For example, you want to let DRBL clients do "memtest" next time when they boot, run this::

# dcs -l 0 -nl remote-memtest

1. All available modes:
remote-linux: Client machine will boot from DRBL server,
use the default text/graphic mode, for powerful client.
remote-linux-gra: Client machine will boot from DRBL server,
and enter graphic mode, for powerful client.
remote-linux-txt: Client machine will boot from DRBL server,
and enter text mode, for powerful client.
terminal: Remote display Linux, terminal mode.
remote-memtest: Remote boot to run memtest86
remote-fdos: Remote boot to run FreeDOS
clonezilla-start: Start Clonezilla mode
clonezilla-stop: Stop the clonezilla mode
local: Client machine will boot from local (now PXE only)
reboot Reboot DRBL clients now
shutdown Shutdown DRBL clients now
Wake-on-LAN Turn on DRBL clients by Wake-on-LAN now
netinstall Let clients to install Linux distribution via network (PXE/etherboot)
switch-pxe-menu Switch DRBL client menus
login-switch Switch DRBL client login mode
Based on MODE, assign the 2nd level mode:
For MODE=clonezilla-start, available MODE2:
clonezilla-save-disk: Clonezilla save disk mode
clonezilla-restore-disk: Clonezilla restore disk Mode
clonezilla-save-parts: Clonezilla save partitions mode
clonezilla-restore-parts: Clonezilla restore partitions mode
clonezilla-save-hda1: Clonezilla save 1st partition (hda1) mode
clonezilla-restore-hda1: Clonezilla restore 1st partition (hda1) mode
For MODE=others, available MODE2:
switch-drbl-serv Start, stop or restart DRBL related services in DRBL server
client-reautologin Force to restart client autologin" clean-autologin-account Delete all autologin accounts" re-deploy Re-deploy files to clients, i.e. update the files of server to clients.
clean-dhcpd-lease Force to reset DHCP IP address leases" If no argument is specified, a dialog will appear to let you choose the mode!

2. For the time bein, "local" only works in PXE client, and it will fail in Etherboot client.