Diskless Remote Boot in Linux
DRBL/Clonezilla FAQ/Q&A
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System : About DRBL or Clonezilla
  1. Where is the corresponding DRBL client directory in the server ?
  2. How can I append the Linux kernel boot time parameters to the DRBL clients ?
  3. How can I debug in the PXE initrd when clients boot ?
  4. How can I start a DRBL client service (e.g. cron, sysklogd, klogd...) in the server ?
  5. How can I run vmplayer in the DRBL client machine ?
  6. Is it possible to run a script on the client after Clonezilla finishes cloning ?
  7. When I reboot the DRBL client in Ubuntu Breezy Linux, it hangs, What should I do ?
  8. Is there any method I can resize my LVM device?
  9. Is that possible I can clone the MS Windows partition to different order of partition on another disk?
  10. How can I restore an image of a partition to different partition, e.g. restore the image of /dev/sda5 to /dev/sda6?
  11. Is Clonezilla compatible with "WD Advanced Format" disk?
  12. How can I can provide PXE service on a MS windows machine?
  13. How can I use LDAP instead of NIS/YP in DRBL server?
  14. How can I skip the prompt "Please remove the disc, close the the tray (if any) and press ENTER to continue" when rebooting or shutdowning the Clonezilla live?
  15. Is that possible to run Clonezilla-live using windows 2008 & wds?
  16. I got an error message "extfsclone.c: bitmap free count err, free:...", any idea?
  17. I have some Broadcom gigabits NICs, and it is not supported by Clonezilla live, why? How to support it?
  18. How can I put my own kernel for DRBL clients ?
  19. After I did a disk-to-disk clone, my MS Windows in the source disk fails to boot. Why?
  20. Possible solutions when connection drops or CRC-error message with Clonezilla.
  21. Any hints about creating a customized unattended, automatic restoring (or saving) mode about Clonezilla live?
  22. After restoring, grub2 complains "error: no argument specified". Why?
  23. Is that possible I can restore a MS Windows image to different hardware?
  24. I got a message "This disk contains mismatched GPT and MBR partition". What's that?
  25. When I restored an image to the same, original SSD disk, Clonezilla complained the destination disk is too small. What's wrong?
  26. I got an error message like "extfsclone.c: FS was not cleanly unmounted" or ".extfsclone.c: bitmap free count err, free:..." when saving an image? Any hints?
  27. Is that possible I can restore to smaller HDD when the image was taken from bigger one? Or to clone a larger disk to a smaller one?
  28. How can I create module for some hardware, like Nvidia, ATI VGA card, to use in client ?
  29. Can I save the image on the same USB drive of Clonezilla live?
  30. Any method to do a "PXE" booting for my Mac?
  31. Does Clonezilla support Mac's fusion drive or Core storage?
  32. When I use DRBL live, my client machines have an error "NFS over TCP not available from ..."?
  33. How can I use VPN connection in Clonezilla live environment?
  34. How can I change the passphrase of Clonezilla image?
  35. I'd like to use http service instead of tftp service for my PXE clients to download the Clonezilla live root file system (Clonezilla-live-filesystem.squashfs). What shall I do?
  36. How can I disable the beep sound when booting Clonezilla?
  37. I have a problem with the default tftp block size 64540 when PXE booting, any good solution?
  38. How can I convert MBR to GPT format for my hard drive?
  39. How can I share the printer in the server to clients ?
  40. I experienced an issue "Error! No existing disk(s) or unmounted disk(s) are found!" on some Dell's machine, any workaround?
  41. Which options may I use to avoid modifying the files of restored OS?
  42. Somehow I have files missing when taking an image of MS Windows. Any hints?
  43. The name of block devices change randomly after booting Clonezila live. Sometimes sda, sometime sdb, or sdc. Why?
  44. How can I mirror the Clonezilla live console to my external monitor?
  45. I have a 4k screen, after booting Clonezilla live, the display is garbled. Any suggestion?
  46. How can I insert bios flash program and firmware to the freedos so that I can upgrade the BIOS in client ?
  47. How to get Japanese (Chinene, Korean) input method in English environment ?
  48. How can I hide the mounted NFS icons in my KDE desktop environment ?
  49. What the differences between Full DRBL, Full Clonezilla, DRBL SSI and Clonezilla Box modes ?
  50. How can I make a common directory where clients on any box can read, copy and delete files freely ?
  51. How can I make a local apt mirror in my Debian or Ubuntu DRBL server and use that as an apt repository ?
  52. How can I upgrade DRBL and related packages ?
  53. How can I hide the mounted NFS share icons in KDE desktop ?
  54. How can I debug the clonezilla if it fails ?
  55. I have some clients which mainboard include NIC, the mainboard supports RPL. How to make the clients to support PXE?
  56. When I use clonezilla to clone MS windows, there is no any problem when saving an image from template machine. However, after the image is restored to another machine, it fails to boot, the error message is "Missing Operating System" or just a blinking underscore. What's going on ?
  57. How can I calibrate the clock of clients ?
  58. Why Clonezilla can _NOT_ restore an image which is saved from a large drive to a smaller drive? Any workaround?
  59. A message "tftp: client does not accept options" appears in syslog file in server , shall I do someting ?
  60. I am trying to restore an image of a 300 Gb drive (with 30 Gb of data) onto a 250 Gb drive, but it gives me an error that the output drive partition doesn't have enough space to fit the image. Is there any way to restore it anyway?
  61. How can I restore the image from small harddisk to larger one on Clonezilla server?
  62. What's the difference between clonezilla and G4L or G4U ?
  63. How can I change the yum repository in OpenSuSE/SuSe before I run drblsrv ?
  64. How can I assign the kernel to let client use that ?
  65. If my client computer only supports RPL instead of PXE, can it work with DRBL ?
  66. I am sure that the GNU/Linux I have is compatible with the GNU/Linux distribution which DRBL supports, how can I install drbl on that ?
  67. I put a script file like "myscript.sh" in /usr/share/drbl/prerun/drbl, /usr/share/drbl/postrun/drbl, and I check the option "-o0/--run-prerun-dir", or "-o1/--run-postrun-dir", but mscript.sh is not run. Why ?
  68. How can I add a package, say ncpfs, in Clonezilla live ?
  69. How can I create my own custom script to run in clonezilla live ?
  70. What if I have 2 or more squashfs files (filesystem.squashfs) in my system, how can I assign clonezilla live to boot ?
  71. How can I compile a kernel module on DRBL server so that it can be used for DRBL clients ?
  72. How can I compile a kernel module in the DRBL client so that I can use it for DRBL clients ?
  73. How can I mirror drbl packages ?
  74. There is an existing DHCP service in my environment, so it's impossible for me to use the dhcp service comes with DRBL server. Any solution ?
  75. I have a weird problem when restoring an image. I always got an error message "Can't read the following volume file: ... /stdin.001".
  76. How can I remaster Clonezilla iso file ?
  77. How can I put the kickstart file for netinstall GNU/Linux ?
  78. How can I configure FreeBSD network installation in DRBL server ?
  79. How can I restore those *.ntfs-img.* images into a partition manually ?
  80. Is that possible I can read the content of an image (e.g. sda1.ext4-ptcl-img.gz.*) created by Clonezilla ?
  81. Is there any way I can save image to CD-RW or DVD-RW directly ?
  82. Is that possible I can put clonezilla live in my harddrive which already has an OS installed ?
  83. How can I create Clonezilla live from scratch?
  84. When I use Clonezilla server edition to do a multicast clone, the client machines just keep waiting, any hint ?
  85. I'd like to translate DRBL/Clonezilla to other language, how can I help ?
  86. How can I config my DRBL clients to use Active Directory authentication ?
  87. How about the unique license key for each MS windows machine after I clone them ?
  88. I have a class B subnet, the range is -, how can I configre DRBL to fit this range ?
  89. What's the difference between multicast, broadcast and unicast function in Clonezilla SE ?
  90. How can I run Clonezilla live using serial console ?
  91. How to put my own binary driver in Clonezilla live without modifying /live/filesystem.squashfs ?
  92. How can I compile and put an extra module on Clonezilla live ?
  93. Is that possible I can save Clonezilla image on a rewritable CD/DVD directly when using Clonezilla live ?
  94. How much space do I need when saving an image ?
  95. Why stable and testing Clonezilla live are based on Debian, but alternative one is based on Ubuntu ?
  96. How can I make Clonezilla SE (DRBL) server as a RIS server, too ?
  97. How to add MAC addresses of new clients in DRBL ?
  98. Is there a way to make a hardware independent image with CloneZilla?
  99. Is that possible I can hack my buggy PXE bootrom ?
  100. I got a "tftp timeout" error on my DRBL client...
  101. Clonezilla live gives me "kernel panic" or can not detect my hard drive, network card... Any solution ?
  102. Where can I find the DRBL live or Clonezilla live source codes ?
  103. Does Clonezilla support RAID ?
  104. How can I enable sudo privilege for an account on clients ?
  105. Using multicast clone on Clonezilla SE, for one client the speed is fast, but more than one, it's very slow. Any idea ?
  106. How can I restore those *-ptcl-img.* images into a file manually ?
  107. What are the differences between partclone and ntfsclone ?
  108. How can I create my own recovery Clonezilla live CD or USB flash drive ?
  109. How to use DRBL with existing Altiris setup ?
  110. After I restored an image to my Macbook, it fails to boot. Any method to make it boot again?
  111. How can I modify the contents of initrd.img from Clonezilla live?
  112. How can I use the recovery-iso-zip function if I use PXE to boot Clonezilal live?
  113. How can I modify the settings of DRBL SSI mode? e.g. the bash prompt?
  114. How to create an autorun recover Clonezilla live?
  115. How to Build and Install Partclone on Fedora 11 x86_64?
  116. What are the compression options in Clonezilla? What are the differences?
  117. I'd like to customize the Clonezilla boot menu, any doc I can refer?
  118. I have more than 1 network card on my DRBL client, how can I force the client to use the specific network card, i.e. with priority, to connect to DRBL server when booting in the initramfs?
  119. How can I add a program in the main file system of Clonezilla live, i.e. in the file "filesystem.squashfs"?
  120. I knew the network card of my DRBL client is supported by the kernel, however it fails to load the module during PXE booting. What can I do?
  121. When I save an image, I see messages like "{ DriveReady Error }" or "{ DriveReady DataRequest Error }", what can I do?
  122. How can I re-registering the individual MS Office installations with their own keys after the system is restored by Clonezilla?
  123. I got the error message "invalid or corrupt kernel image" when I boot clonezilla live CD, any hints?
  124. I got an error "0xc00000e" after my MS Windows 7 image was restored. Any solution?
  125. How can I create Clonezilla live iso file from clonezilla live zip file?
  126. What do these restore options (-g auto, -t, -t1, -j1, -j2, -k, -k1, -j0, -r...) actually do?
  127. How to save the image to external TrueCrypt harddisc?
  128. I got an error message like "FS has been mounted 3234324234 times without being checked" in Clonezilla live. What can I do?
  129. I have put some prerun and postrun scripts in DRBL server, but it does not work. What happends?
  130. I sent you an email directly from my sourceforge account, but I did not get any response. Why?
  131. Why Clonezilla does not use fsarchiver as the engine?
  132. After I restore the MS windows image, I got error messages about "0xc0000225, 0xc00000e", and something about Winload.exe, any hint?
  133. Any workaround that I can save and restore RAID 1 (mirrored) disk by Clonezilla?
  134. Is there any method I can brodcast messages to DRBL clients?
  135. What are the differences between i486, i686, and amd64 version of Clonezilla live?
  136. How can I restore an image to multiple hard drives simultaneously?
  137. Do I have to have a destination drive already formatted before trying to restore an image on it?
Why stable and testing Clonezilla live are based on Debian, but alternative one is based on Ubuntu ?
The reasons to do so are:
  1. We want a "free" Clonezilla live, so all the packages are from main of Debian, no non-free in stable or testing Clonezilla live. The file name of Debian-based Clonezilla live is in this format: a.b.c-d, e.g. 2.5.6-22.
  2. However, the all free version of Clonezilla live sometimes could not support the latest hardware. Therefore we provide another option, i.e. alternative Clonezilla live based on Ubuntu Linux. It includes non-free firmware, and also supports uEFI secure boot (AMD64 version only). The file name of Ubuntu-based Clonezilla live is based on date and the Ubuntu's codename. Its format is: [year][month][date]-[codename], e.g. 20181206-disco.
The differences between stable/testing and alternative branches:
Stable/Testing Clonezilla live (Debian-based)
Alternative Clonezilla live (Ubuntu-based)
File size ~15 MB smaller ~15 MB larger
Non-free software
Not included
Included, e.g firmware.
486 CPU support No, only i686 version No (CONFIG_M586=y and CONFIG_X86_GENERIC=y)
Multi-core CPU/SMP Only supported in i686 and AMD64 versions.
Both i386 and AMD64 versions support.
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